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A D D R E S S I N G  L E P T O S P I R O S I S 

Bringing you the facts.

We'd like to help answer your questions about the recent outbreak of leptospirosis.

There has been a recent outbreak of leptospirosis predominantly clustered around the Sydney and Newcastle region of NSW.​ So let's talk about it!

A B O U T  L E P T O S P I R O S I S

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can be spread by rats. The current outbreak has been clustered around the Sydney and Newcastle region, but there have been a few known cases identified on the South Coast of NSW.


Dogs can become infected through exposure to rats or rat urine; for example, contaminated puddles, soil or food may act as reservoirs for exposure. During the past couple of years, there have been several localised outbreaks, mainly in the Sydney region. 

Leptospirosis can cause severe and often fatal disease in dogs and may also affect humans. We are very lucky that vaccinations are readily available and very effective. Vaccination for leptospirosis is considered on an individual basis. Dogs that visit the Sydney, Central Coast or South Coast regions and/or dogs travelling to rural areas would be considered candidates for vaccination. Initial vaccination for leptospirosis requires a course of two vaccinations, given 2-4 weeks apart. This is followed by an annual booster. 


When travelling to affected afreas, try to prevent your dog drinking from puddles or swimming in water that may be contaminated. 

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