W H O  W E  A R E

Our love of animals.

Our community starts with you.

Here at The Foreshore Vet, we champion a new kind of veterinary care.
Our founder, Dr Tanya Caltabiano, wants to create a community-focussed clinic with modern, purpose-built facilities to deliver gold standard care.

We love our work and want to ensure ‘coming to the vet’ is an easy experience for everyone.
We do things a little bit differently here at The Foreshore Vet,
because your pets come first.

For The Foreshore Vet team, we're all proud pet parents; we couldn't live without them.
So rest assured: your pets are our pets at The Foreshore Vet.  

O U R  V A L U E S

A  M O D E R N  T O U C H

We strive for excellence at
The Foreshore Vet. Good outcomes for your pets begin with our first-class facilities.
Our sole focus is patient care and our highly-trained, empathetic staff have your needs at the forefront of everything we do.    


A  L O V E  O F  A N I M A L S

Our team lives and breathes animals. We love them to bits - all shapes, sizes and breeds. While your pets are under our care, we'll fuss over them like they're our own. We can’t get enough of your pets and we are with you both, every step of the way. 

A  D E D I C A T E D  T E A M

We've assembled an experienced, vibrant team of veterinary professionals that we are so proud of. Every staff member comes with unique skills and many of us have worked together before. We are excited to build The Foreshore Vet together.