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P E N N H I P  E V A L U A T I O N  

Evaluate susceptibility to canine hip dysplasia

Dr. Tanya Caltabiano is certified to perform PennHIP evaluations.

This evaluation is the most current and accurate way to measure and predict the onset of canine osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.

A B O U T  P E N N H I P


Canine Hip Dysplasia is a commonly inherited orthopaedic disease. It leads to hip arthritis causing pain, stiffness and diminished quality of life.


The PennHIP technique determines hip laxity (looseness of the hip). Studies have shown that dogs with looser hips are at greater risk of developing hip dysplasia than those with tighter hips. 


 PennHIP is a radiographic method that is performed by certified veterinarians who are trained in this specialised technique. A complete PennHIP evaluation includes a consultation, anaesthesia and radiographs, which are then submitted to a specialist imaging service for evaluation.

I S  Y O U R  P E T  A T  R I S K ?


At risk breeds include Labradors, golden retrievers, bulldogs, shepherds, mastiffs and many of the giant breeds.


PennHIP can be performed from 16 weeks of age, which allows for early detection and intervention if required. 

H A V E  Y O U R  P E T  A S S E S S E D 

Tanya Caltabiano

Please call to request an appointment with Dr. Tanya Caltabiano to have your pet assessed.

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