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Bachelor of  Veterinary Science/Bachelor of Veterinary Biology

Growing up on a farm in Orange, NSW, a love of animals began early for our practice owner, Dr. Tanya. Even at the age of five, Dr Tanya knew she wanted to become a vet. 

After studying Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University, Dr. Tanya worked in small animal practices in Canberra and Sydney, where she developed a love for small animal general practice

Dr. Tanya is passionate about preventative healthcare for all of our lovely patients, with a special interest in working and service breeds, including Labradors, Australian Kelpies, Pointers, Spaniels, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.


Be it routine care, musculoskeletal disease screening with radiographs and PennHIP scoring, desexing or emergency care, Dr. Tanya can help guide you on preventative measures to ensure your loved ones stay healthy.


Dr. Tanya, her husband Will and their son Billy live with their Labrador Nelly the ex-Guide Dog!

Tanya Caltabiano


Bachelor of Veterinary Science, MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery)

Dr. Amanda has joined the practice having owned local Canberra small animal practices during the past 30 years. She is a permanent fixture in the Canberra community and her established surgical skills are something we are extremely proud to offer you at The Foreshore Vet.


After earning her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Sydney, Dr. Amanda worked in rural mixed practice domestically but also overseas. She since returned home to Canberra to work in small animal practice.


Dr. Amanda has a special interest in small animal surgery and has undertaken further study for her membership to the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. She is currently pursuing ophthalmology as an area of interest. Additionally, Dr. Amanda is passionate about improving the quality of life for brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds.

Dr. Amanda lives with her family and provides sanctum to Samba the retired AFP dog, a pony, rabbits and parrots!


Bachelor of  Veterinary Science

Dr. Alexandra grew up in far North Queensland, and went on to pursue a career as a veterinarian at James Cook University, where she completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After working interstate across Queensland and New South Wales, Dr. Alex joins The Foreshore Vet team having chosen to settle down in Canberra’s cooler climes.

Dr. Alex hopes to extend her soft tissue surgical skills during her time at The Foreshore Vet, and looks forward to meeting the pet’s in our community.


Together with her husband Jamie, Dr. Alex is the proud owner of Dae Dae the 14 year old Kelpie and Boomer the boisterous 3 legged wolfhound cross. Together they also own Andy the cat!



Bachelor of  Veterinary Science,

MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine), (Medicine of Cats)

Dr. Wayne Mizon studied Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney and began his career in rural mixed practice before moving into small animal practice in Canberra, in 2010.


Dr. Wayne is passionate about further education. He holds two board memberships, Small Animal Medicine (1999) and Medicine of Cats (2012). His special interests lie in ultrasonography, oncology and internal medicine of cats. Dr. Wayne has been involved in the continuing education of general practice vets, taking a role as tutor in Feline Medicine courses and as an examiner for memberships in Medicine of Cats. 

Dr. Wayne brings a wealth of experience, education and passion for small animal and feline medicine to The Foreshore Vet. Dr. Wayne's valuable ultrasonography skills are something we are excited to offer you and your pets at The Foreshore Vet.

When he isn't working, Dr. Wayne spends time on his property on the far South Coast of NSW with his partner Joanne. They are kept busy with 6 grandchildren, 3 horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a flock of chickens. Dr. Wayne has a keen interest in cooking, and tending to his well established veggie patch!



Bachelor of  Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of  Veterinary Science

Dr. Bonnie grew up on rural properties in Murrumbateman and Merimbula before heading to Charles Sturt to undertake her double degree in Veterinary Biology and Veterinary Science. Since graduating she has been working in the Newcastle region as well as the South Coast.  

Dr. Bonnie returns to Canberra to pursue her high level rowing goals and wants to improve her small animal surgical and ultrasonography skills whilst working with us at The Foreshore Vet. She enjoys eventing with her horse Aarmani and is joined in Canberra by her rescue cat Tipsy!


Bachelor of  Veterinary Science

With over 20 years experience leading emergency teams in small animal emergency centres, Dr Damien has founded practices in Canberra, Sydney, and overseas.


Dr Damien brings an extensive and advanced soft tissue surgical skillset to The Foreshore Vet. He has spent the past five years furthering his orthopaedic surgical knowledge - there’s not much Dr Damien  hasn’t seen before!


Dr Damien grew up with kelpies and Arabian horses and now has a love of toy breeds and Australian Tiffanie cats. Outside of work, Dr Damien is also a father to a bright and very energetic 11-year-old son, Kit. 

We know Dr Damien’s experience will be an asset to The Foreshore Vet.


Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

Dr Jana graduated in 1992 from Murdoch University and has previously owned, not one, but two practices in both Albury and Canberra. Dr Jana joins The Foreshore Vet team as a highly skilled surgeon, but also has a keen interest in endocrinology.


Dr Jana owns two dogs, a rescue Deerhound X and a Begalier pup, together with a ginger rescue cat and three chooks!



Debbie joins The Foreshore Vet team with 11 years experience in the veterinary industry. Your visit to the vet should be smooth and easy, and Debbie cares most about you, our clients. Debbie's warmth and friendly nature are something we are thrilled to offer our clients at The Foreshore Vet. 

Ofcourse Debbie loves your pets also. She brings her two year old cocker spaniel, Archie, to the Foreshore Vet family.


Colette grew up in Sydney pestering her parents to get her a dog. They finally got a dog a few months after she left home to move to Canberra.


A long-time Canberra resident, Colette has an Arts degree from the Australian National University with majors in economics and political science.


Before starting with The Foreshore Vet, Colette worked in the Australian Public Service and then for advocacy groups in the education and health sectors.


Colette and her family are puppy raisers for Guide Dogs and are proud that their first puppy, Quake, has gone on to graduate as a ‘fully qualified’ guide dog. Her family continue to support Guide Dogs currently as foster and temporary carers.


When not at work, Colette spends time with her husband and two children. She enjoys lunching with friends and offsets her lunches with frequent trips to the gym.


Colette Colman

V E T E R I N A R Y  N U R S E S



Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Hannah has worked among some of the busiest practices in Sydney, both in general practice and in top tier emergency referral hospitals. Hannah met Tanya working as a vet nurse in Canberra. Hannah has returned, with her 16 years experience, to join The Foreshore Vet.

Hannah particularly enjoys working with cats and larger dog breeds and has a keen interest in oncology and anaesthesia. Hannah's exceptional skill for teaching sees her work closely with Tim to lead and develop our nursing team. 


Hannah lives with her husband, their daughters Hazel and Daisy, together with her entourage of animals; Brigit and Alfie the cats and Quinn the very mixed breed!


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

(AVNAT registration)

Born and raised in Canberra, Tim has long been immersed in the veterinary profession. 

With 11 years experience under his belt, Tim leads our surgical nursing team with exceptional skill and knowledge. His love of Labrador's makes him a perfect fit too! 

Tim and his partner Krystal have their hands full; with their three cats Arya, Enya and Dirk, Franklin the retired guide dog and Jessie the terrier cross rescue, they recently welcomed their newborn son Ollie to their crew.


Bronnie met Tanya at the beginning of her career working in a busy Canberra practice, where Tanya also was beginning her career. They quickly became a junior nurse/vet pair. Together they grew and expanded their respective skillsets and have come together again at The Foreshore Vet. She joins the practice as a highly proficient nurse, with a special focus on canine behaviour and training.


Bronnie's love lies with puppies, she is adept at dog behaviour training, striving to provide young dogs with all encompassing care and safety as they navigate early life with their new families.


Bronnie lives with her partner, their son Jude and daughter Billie. She owns the especially charismatic Staffy Biggie.


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Born in Sydney, Mikayla grew up here in Canberra, having spent most of her childhood living on a property with horses, sheep and dogs. With a particular soft spot for Greyhounds, Mikayla is dog mum to Frankie the Greyhound rescue and Buddy the Spoodle!

Mikayla joins us holding her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing together with her Stress Free Pets certificate. She loves all things surgery and hopes to improve upon her dentistry skills whilst at The Foreshore Vet.



Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Certificate III Business Administration

Georgia joins The Foreshore Vet team with over 7 years experience in veterinary nursing and customer care. Georgia cares most about making your pets visit to The Foreshore Vet positive and rewarding, particularly those frequent flyers who require ongoing care.

Georgia has a special interest in dermatology...yes that means allergies! Her 7 year old Staffy Bella suffers from ongoing skin disease, which lead Georgia to broaden her knowledge in this area. 


Georgia believes, with all the information out there online, you should feel comfortable to seek information from your local vet... if you have questions or concerns about your pet, Georgia will certainly point you in the right direction!  


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Born and raised in Canberra, Lilli brings a passion for anaesthesia, surgical procedures and emergency and critical care to the nursing team.


Lilli has a Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing … and a healthy obsession with German Shorthaired Pointers!


Lilli has two German Shorthaired Pointers at home - River and Jax - and two kittens - Evie the domestic short hair and Dakota the Ragdoll x Persian.


Lilli Van Ewyk
Corey Toler


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

After a successful career in hospitality, Corey joins The Foreshore Vet team having moved into veterinary nursing about three years ago.


Originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, Corey has a love of - and fascination with - Australian wildlife, particularly wombats! She believes this may have something to do with growing up on the other side of the world.


Animals have always been a big part of Corey’s life, with her family having adopted stray cats, a Golden Retriever, Labradors, Newfoundlands, and Basset Hounds. Nowadays it’s Murphy, a cheeky rescue Rottweiler-cross, that’s keeping Corey and her partner busy.


Corey moved to Australia in 2013, spent almost seven years in Melbourne working in functions and events and then moved to Canberra to be with her partner just before the pandemic hit.


Corey has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and a Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing!  

S U N A E  P A R K 

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Sunae was born in Korea and moved to Canberra in 2010. She joins The Foreshore Vet holding her Cert IV Veterinary Nursing qualification. Sunae enjoys emergency and critical care nursing and when she isn’t at The Foreshore Vet, she is doing just that in an emergency hospital on weekends.


Sunae is interested in canine behaviour, particularly in working breeds like her 7 year old Border Collie Hetty, who only understand Korean! Sunae has now settled here in Canberra and lives with her husband and of course, Hetty.

Charlotte Schumann


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Certificate III Companion Animal Services

Charlotte has worked in both GP clinics and hospitals, and brings with her a love of emergency care.


With a keen interest in ventilator care and rehabilitation, Charlotte’s passion is also learning about behaviour techniques.


Born and raised in Canberra, Charlotte grew up with all sorts of dogs and cats at home, and studied a double major in music in college for singing and piano.


Charlotte also has a Certificate III in Companion Animal Services and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.


Charlotte loves taking care of all sorts of dog breeds but has a soft spot for larger breeds. She can’t wait to own either a Bernese Mountain Dog, Rottweiler or a Doberman to join her Birman cat Sulley at home!  

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