Our community starts with you.

Join us for our next community get together, we are always up to something!

Here at The Foreshore Vet, it is important that we stay connected to you, our community.


We are always thinking of new and fun ways to bring you together so that your pets and our community can thrive!


We have enjoyed getting to know you during our first few opening months and hope to continue seeing more of you at our regular get togethers!


W H A T  W E  H A V E  B E E N  U P  T O

Walk This Way.jpg

W A L K  T H I S  W A Y 

We had our first monthly dog walk around the Kingston Foreshore.


We met at our clinic and enjoyed grabbing a coffee with you afterwards! 

Join us for our next Walk This Way on Saturday 24th July!

D O C K  D O G S 

We had fun collaborating with our local pet friendly pub, The Dock  


We photographed you all for the monthly Dock Dog competition and awarded the winner with a FREE health check!


P U P P Y  S C H O O L  G R A D U A T E S 

We had our first puppy preschool group graduate with flying colours! Congratulations to Gwen, Trevor, banjo and Albie!


Our next puppy school session will begin on the 28th July, call us to book in!

W H A T ' S  C O M I N G  U P 


No need to register, just come along for our upcoming community get togethers!

Stay tuned.

C O M I N G  U P


Walk This Way 

Saturday 24th July 07.30AM - 08.430AM

Yoga with your dog


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